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That's right... Reason #5 to attend the District 5240 Conference in Bakersfield October 2-4, 2015... Have more fun than the law allows!

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August is Membership and Extension month. I'm glad Rotary International placed this emphasis on Membership early in our Rotary year. It's a good time to begin thinking how each of us can do our part in sharing this wonderful organization with those who have not yet experienced the joy of being a Rotarian. We learned this past year the two most significant reasons why people join Rotary: form new friendships, and to do good things in their community. I'll bet that's you too! So a good place to start is to develop or memorize the answer to the age-old question: "What is Rotary?" I'll share with you the one my club teaches: "It's a leadership organization made up of local business, professional and civic leaders who meet regularly, get to know each other better, form friendships, and through that, are able to get things done in our community". No "magic" here but something really good for each of us to know and have ready at that right time. Equally important is to be certain, week in and week out that our club is friendly, responsive, and looks inviting. Finally, let's also be sure we can answer these questions: How do I help my club go from good to great? How do I engage our current members? For your PhD in Membership (or just your Masters) log-on to your "My Rotary" account, and click on "Membership" on the "Learning and Reference" drop-down menu on the white bar at the top!
Jim Bell
Rotary International District 5240

Save January 15-16, 2016 on your calendar. The RI President has endorsed this first of five world-wide Rotary Peace Conferences that will be held at the Ontario, CA convention center. See www.peaceconference2016.org for more information. DG Jim Bell has decided that the District will support this conference in place of the annual STEPS conference. Early bird registration ends September 1st. Get a team together to represent your club.
Mike Weaver
Community Service Director 2015-16

Membership and Retention, the most important part of Rotary.  August is designated as the month we focus on this, but every day, all of us should be an example of an organization that our friends and associates would want to join.
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District 5240 July 2015 Newsletter

Welcome to the 110th year of Rotary! There's great comfort in knowing that Paul Harris established a wonderful service-directed organization that continues to flourish around the world today because of your hard work and dedication.
I'm pleased to join our now 74 Club President-Elects in District 5240 who now become the new leaders of their clubs. As is the tradition in Rotary, we change "management" on July 1st every year from the top down throughout the entire Rotary organization world-wide. Although some may think this to be a cause of concern, it really allows for creativity, fresh ideas and the focus in each club to flourish under the guidance of a new club President and Board of Directors. Indeed, it is truly unique and a source of our strength.
Donna and I look forward to meeting each of you when we visit your club in the upcoming months. We have been very active in our visitations during the past year and welcome the opportunity to continue doing so. There is nothing that compares to visiting Rotarians in their club and hearing the stories, the projects, the pride of ownership of their club while there.
The District Staff has a simple goal for 2015-2016 – to help our clubs become "Bigger, Better, and Bolder" in the next year. If we succeed then it will be very clear that the best days of Rotary are still ahead.
Remember to keep submitting stories and photos of your club projects and fundraising events for the District website (see the How To here), engage in the District Facebook Group at www.facebook.com/groups/76317187164/, and be sure to let our District Newsletter Editor Neil Walker know of your upcoming club fundraisers and events by submitting them to nwalker1@bak.rr.com by the 25th of the month prior to the intended month of publication.
Finally, let me thank each of you now for your service to your club and your district as we begin this year together. We are very fortunate to be Rotarians! Together, we can make the world a better place!
Jim Bell
Rotary International District 5240
P.S. – Don't forget to mark your calendars for the District Conference in Bakersfield - October 2-4, 2015.


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