On February 23rd Rotary turns 115 .  It is  a time for celebrating the world’s oldest service organization which continues to be the most  powerful and impactful force for doing good.

What are the reasons for our  longevity? 

Our mission - which is service and fortified by our motto of Service Above Self.

Our four way test - which guides us to go within ourselves and be our own judges in all the things we think, say and do.

Our inheritance - we inherited a well structured organization and the continuity that it brings from one generation to the other. We do not  have to reinvent the ‘wheel’. All we have to do is love people and have a passion to serve.

Our Values -  of truth, integrity, service and doing what is beneficial to all concerned. They are as indestructible as they are eternal.

Our blindness - Rotarians refuse to see differences. We reach across religion, politics, race, anything that divides, to join hands in service to all of humanity.

When we pledged to  eradicate polio we did not chose a specific country, we did not choose a specific child. It is for every child in every country.

Our purpose - Rotary gives us our higher purpose and moves us beyond ourselves as we focus on helping others. 

This nurtures our souls and keeps us alive.

The day we die is not when take our last breath but when we stop being useful to the world.

Let us stay alive ….