2013 Manual of Procedure

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The 2013 Manual of Procedure (MOP) is now available in English

To download your PDF of the MOP, please click here.

 You may also access the MOP, along with other governance documents, from the Rotary website at

Note that at the end of August, we sent all club presidents a survey asking if they preferred to receive a PDF or a hardcopy of the MOP. If you requested a hardcopy of the MOP, you will receive it in the next few weeks. Feel free to also reference the PDF version.

If you did not request a hardcopy of the MOP or if you would like to order more copies, you may do so through the Rotary Shop at shop.rotary.org. If you have any questions about the updated MOP, please let us know at council_services@rotary.org.

Questions should be directed to DRFC Luz Maria Ortiz-Smith (luzmaria@smithandortiz.com )