Marilyn Lippiat (Westlake Sunrise)
Education & Training Director

See the Organization Chart for a listing of the committee members.

Membership Seminars

Seminars on building and maintain membership at the clubs

Foundation Seminars

Seminars on building support for and understanding of the Rotary Foundation in October-November  

President Elect's Retreat

A coming together of District Governor Elect with all of the Presidents-Elect to focus on the coming year, in September

AG/GR Training Seminars

Training for the District Governor Elect's staff

Presidents-Elect Training Seminar (PETS)

Multi-days training held by Los Angeles area districts for their club Presidents-Elect in March. Register at the PETS Website.

District Team Training Seminar

Membership and Foundation Certification Training Courses

District Assembly

Club officers and directors training in April

District Certification Correspondence Courses

Mid-Term Seminars

Club officers training in January

PRLS (Potential Rotary Leadeship Seminars)

Training series for all Rotarians to enhance skill levels in public speaking, facilitation, team-building, and probem solving.  For details, click on PRLS WEBSITE.