Prior to Covid, Cayucos Rotary has organized “Paddle for Polio” in conjunction with the Cancer Survivors Group from the Morro Bay Dragon Boat Association to raise awareness of polio and fundraise for polio eradication. Participants included Group 11 Rotarians, who raised funds within their club. We were not able to do so for the past two years.

For 2021-2022, past president Sherry Sim adapted and did the “Peddle for Polio” by committing to wake up at 6:00 AM to peddle on her exercise bike for half hour daily for two weeks prior to World Polio Day. Sherry is not an early riser.  She was penalized 4 days out of the two weeks, for failing to wake up on time to peddle and her ‘penalties’ added to her contribution to the PolioPlus fund. Club members supported her efforts and the club raised $400 last October. Participants from the club included Michele Lilley, club president; Emily Campbell, Past President; Donna Archer, Past President; Pamela Cookson and Sherry Sim, Past President.

Moving forward, Cayucos Rotary plans to organize the “Paddle for Polio” again. It's wonderful to be out on the water in the calm inner bay of Morro Bay, and paddle past otters and other kayakers. It sure is a fun way to increase awareness of our efforts to eradicate polio and raise funds.