The first time I was invited to  Rotary I told  the person  that I was busy I have a business to build. 

He said “OK, see you next year”. 

And he came the next year and I gave him the same answer “ busy“ and he said “OK, see you next year”.

Much to my surprise he came back the following year. Three consecutive years he came, and this time he brought members of his club and they told me all they wanted me to do was to attend one club’s meeting.

Sometimes that all that it takes; I attended the meeting and I was hooked.

Sometimes that all that it takes; I attended the meeting and I was hooked .

I did not know I was on the verge of a journey that would transform my life.

That the Rotarians I was being introduced to would become my strongest friends and friends for life.

That my business would increase because Rotarians support Rotarians.

Little did I realize that my contribution would expand exponentially because of the long reach of Rotary and the strength of the Rotary Foundation.

I would be helping others re-build their lives after the devastating fires in Southern California.

As a Rotarian I was supporting the education of a child in India so that she would have a chance to write her own story, create her own destiny &  break the cycle of helplessness.

I did not know that I would be part of something so much larger than myself and that I would receive more than I could ever give.

And to think this would not have happened had it not been for the persistence of one caring person, My Sponsor.

Who is Your Sponsor? 

I am sure like me you are grateful to that person. How do we thank them? 

By passing on the gift of Rotary to some one else.

And when is a good time to start?

How about right now?