Rotary Club of Bakersfield Twilight (“Twilight Rotary Club”) joined members of Bakersfield East Rotary Club (“BERC”) and students from Centennial High Interact Club (“Interact”) for the District 5240 Rotary Work Day on Saturday, April 24th.  The volunteers met at the Rotary Wheel area of Panorama Park, also known as Rotary Park, where they cleaned up the Rotary Wheel area and areas surrounding the pathway along the Bluffs.  The volunteers enjoyed perfect weather as they fanned out in groups of three and four to pick up an eclectic mix of trash and debris that littered the pathway along the bluffs and pruned overgrown and dead shrubs around the Rotary Wheel area. When the volunteers were done, there was a large pile of dead shrubbery removed from plants and numerous large bags of trash collected by the Rotary and Interact members.
Bakersfield City Mayor Karen Goh stopped by and thanked the Rotary members and Interact members for their cleanup efforts. Community members who passed by Rotary and Interact volunteers as they picked up trash also thanked the volunteers for making the park cleaner for everyone.