Dawn O'Bar, Charter member and Past President of the Rotary EClub of One World, has written and published a book called, COVID 2020- A Year Like No Other; a roller coaster ride of losses, challenges and opportunities.   

The book started out as a memoir of her experiences during the start of the pandemic, but became a larger project as she interviews people from around the world including Rotary members from eight different countries.  The chapters are framed with inspirational stories and there are reflection questions posed for the reader to process his/her own thoughts and experiences for future generations.

Ms. O'Bar writes, "it was a year of losses and challenges but also some opportunities.  When our club meets on Zoom, I get to engage with people from India, Turkey, Ghana, Guyana, France, Canada, Mexico, South Africa and the Netherlands.   It gave me a chance to see what other people were experiencing during the Pandemic."

The Ebook is available on her website http://www.dawnobar.com/ or Amazon for $9.95.  The entire amount goes back to the EClub to support current projects, among these include, supporting the people of Ukraine.  https://www.oneworldrotary.org/