At the beginning of the Pandemic, the Moorpark Rotary Club knew they were going to be be needed, now more than ever, so they developed a plan to focus on their local food pantry.  They kicked off their plan by providing much needed school supplies, and throughout the pandemic held various food drives to help back fill the increasing needs of those who were food challenged.  As Rotarian’s, they knew they could do more, so they asked the food panty what other critical items were needed.  The food pantry quickly responded by sharing what they really needed: fresh vegetables and fruit.  Moorpark Rotary Club President, Kelly Best, reached out to a local farmer and told him their food pantry was in need of healthier choices in food.  He provided the Club with the opportunity to purchase local vegetables, and also connected them to a fresh fruit connection in Los Angeles.  Each week Club members from the Rotary Club of Moorpark picked up several large boxes of fruits and vegetables from the farm and they delivered them to the food panty in Moorpark.  They consider each delivery a win/win, as it provides healthier food choices for their families and a very rewarding experience from the heart.