The International Service Committee for D5240 (George Poulakos--RC of Ventura, Susan Weaver-- E-Club of One World, Jennifer Alton--RC of San Luis Obispo and Michael Jansen--RC of Thousand Oaks, are making changes to the International Service Section of the District website.

Over the next few months, we intend, with your assistance, to make our international service section a resource of information as well as an area to highlight international projects that our district clubs are supporting.

Experts on Global Grants

We are inviting all district members who have been intimately involved in global grants to consider sharing their expertise with others. We would like to structure sections that discuss grants in the Six Areas of Focus. If you know someone in your club or if you have expertise in an area of focus, please contact either George (  or Susan (

International Projects: Open Global or Open District Grant Projects

We are inviting any club that has an Open Global Grant Project or is seeking funds for an International District Grant Project to reach out to either George (Open Global Grants) or Michael Jansen ( (Open District Grants) with their project. We have created a template that will visually highlight the project and we will ask that any submissions be prepared in this template.

Project of the Month

This could be a project that needs funding, volunteers or is an International Event that Rotarians can participate. Our goal is to highlight a different project(s) a month. If you have a project that you’d like promoted, please contact Jennifer Alton ( .

At the moment, the International section is a shell but with your assistance and support we can create a a resource that Rotarians and non-Rotarians will find worthwhile.