Offsite Meetings 

Our club recently held an offsite meeting at the Pereira Octagon Barn, which we and other Rotary clubs had helped renovate over the last year. This historically and culturally important structure was built in 1906 by three European immigrants, one of whom was a carpenter, and another a dairy farmer. This is reportedly the last remaining such octagonal barn on the west coast and is a remnant of a once-thriving dairy sector on the central California coast. One of our new Rotary de Tolosa members, Kaila Dettman, is Executive Director of the Land Conservancy of San Luis Obispo County, which manages the Octagon Barn and its grounds for educational and other community events. 

Business Socials

Our club held four business socials at Rotarian’s worksites in lieu of regular meetings. As with the Octagon Barn meeting, we all learned something about our member’s workplace while having a great time socializing. Sites included Rothman Investments in Atascadero, and Cal Poly’s Performing Arts Center, the Nautical Bean coffee shop, and WineSneak wine bar in San Luis Obispo.