September is Education and Literacy month. This is a focus that resonates deeply with me.

When I was three years old my father died and my mother had to raise 5 children ages 3 to 14.

I saw her work her fingers to the bone with every cent she made going into the sink hole of her children’s needs.

She always told me that education breaks through the barriers of limitations and she made a deal with me.

She would do the working and I will do the studying.

I accepted the deal. I studied and I was accepted into one of the most exclusive schools.

I knew from there on there was no stopping me and conquering the world was just around the corner.

But I was wrong. After I graduated there were no more scholarships and to go further, money was needed, which I did not have.

I do believe that success is a combination of abilities and opportunities and as Rotarians we have this powerful platform of Rotary to provide opportunities to others so that they can realize their full potential.

As I visit the clubs in our district I am thrilled, I am excited, and very grateful to find that without exception, each club has a focus on education & literacy.

When you light the lamp of opportunity for someone it illuminates a path to endless possibilities.

Let us continue to light those lamps through education and literacy.