Have you heard of the song “Paddy’s Green Shamrock Shore/Norwegian Wood” or “Honeysuckle Hornpipe/Temperance Reel”?  Probably not and nor had we until recently on Saturday, May 7th a band named Wrenwood Sessions here in Bakersfield featured them in an afternoon “Concert In the Garden” fundraiser for the Twilight Foundation. 
After a 3 year hiatus, Bakersfield Twilight members were very excited about getting together with the public again to raise funds for the many causes our foundation supports.  Our event was held in the Tejon Sculpture Garden at the Bakersfield Museum of Art with picture perfect weather and a group of attendees that truly enjoyed the lively music, unusual instruments (bodhran, octave mandolin, mandola, harp), and wonderful back-stories that went into creating these songs.  Wrenwood Sessions is a local group of friends who gathered together in 2010 to form a group to share their mutual love of Celtic music.  We can’t thank them enough and our enthusiastic members who all contributed to a successful event!