Rotarians have always been peacebuilders.  Every project that we do locally or around the world both improves lives and contributes to more peaceful communities.  When you assist the homeless, mentor students or support our troops, you are building peace.   When you participate in an international project or give to the The Rotary Foundation Peace Centers, you are building peace.

The District 5240 Peacebuilder Club program is a way for you to remind the Rotarians in your club and the residents of your local community that Rotarians and Rotary projects build peace. 

Becoming a Peacebuilder Club is easy.   Go to the District Website Peace Page, download the requirements, complete the report form and forward the completed form to the district.  Your club will be recognized with a banner and certificate identifying the club as Rotary Year 2018-19 peacebuilders.

Peacebuilder Reports are due no later than June 15.

For more information, please email