Disaster Relief Efforts in the Mid-West USA

Many of you have asked how you and your Clubs can assist with the disaster relief efforts in Kentucky. The tornados devastated communities in 18 counties in Rotary District 6710. Donations are now being accepted by District 6710 to help the tornado victims.  Please click HERE for a letter from RI Director Elizabeth Usovicz containing additional details and donation information, as well as a video message from District 6710 Governor Gail Story. Please feel free to share these documents with your clubs/members. 

If your Club wants to provide assistance, please check out these links, which provides an avenue to support relief efforts through your Rotary family.

Major relief is needed within Kentucky District 6710.  See a YouTube video from D6710 Gail Story requesting assistance:  http://rotarydistrict6710.org/

There is also a fund set up with District 6170 in Arkansas.  DG Kathy Carter announced a Disaster relief fund "Heart of America Disaster Relief Fund”:  http://rotary6170.org

General Disaster Relief support can be contributed through The Rotary Foundation.  Contributions in this manner are recognized with PHF credits to the donor: