The Council on Legislation, Rotary's "parliament," meets every three years to deliberate and act upon all proposed enactments and resolutions submitted by clubs, district conferences, the General Council and Conference of Rotary International in Great Britain and Ireland, and the RI Board. The Council itself also makes proposals.

The Council on Legislation is an important part of Rotary's governance process. While the Board of Directors sets policies for Rotary International, the Council is where Rotary clubs have their say in the governance of the association. Every three years, each district sends a representative to the Council, which reviews proposed legislation. Every club and district is entitled to submit legislation to the Council, and some of Rotary’s most important work has resulted from Council action. Women were admitted into Rotary because of the action of the 1989 Council on Legislation, and PolioPlus was born as the result of the 1986 Council.

The Council comprises more than 500 representatives from every part of the Rotary world. Voting members include one elected representative of the clubs of each Rotary district. Some nonvoting members include the chair and vice chair of the Council, the RI president, members of the RI Board, and past RI presidents.

2013 Council

The Council on Legislation met in  April 2013 in Chicago. PDG Luz Maria Ortiz-Smith was the representative from District 5240.  She has provided the following information regarding the meeting.

Fellow Rotarians,

I thank you for the privilege to represent you at the 2013 Council on Legislation. At the Council I had the opportunity to experience the democratic process by which Rotary’s governance is developed. It was a lengthy and at times slow process, nevertheless, a rewarding and exciting procedure.

The RI General Secretary John Hewko has issued a report on the actions taken by the Council including the text of 59 pieces of adopted legislation. The report can be downloaded from the download file list on the left.

We are asking for your participation again, now you have the opportunity to record your opposition to any action of the Council. If those of opposition represent at least 5 percent of the votes entitled to be cast worldwide,  the Council’s action on the legislation is suspended and a ballot-by-mail process will take place.

The Opposition to Legislation Report Form must reach the RI Headquarters by August 23, 2013.

I do appreciate all the comments sent by the various clubs and individual Rotarians expressing their position on different enactments and resolutions. Please take the time to review the enactments that you were interested in.

I will be happy to answer any questions you may have  either related to the voting and/or the Opposition form.

 I will be presenting the final results at the District Conference in October during the Business Meeting.

Yours in Rotary,

Luz Maria Ortiz-Smith

2013 COL Representative

District 5240