Travel Grant Guidelines

Rotary District 5240, 2015-16

All applications for District Travel Grants must be sent to the District Grants Committee. All applications must be approved by the District Grants Committee. Upon certification of approval by the DGSC, the Treasurer of the District 5240 Foundation will disburse the funds to the Rotarians and at the address indicated by the DGSC in the certification letter. The District Foundation shall serve solely as the custodian of these funds and shall disburse them solely as directed by the District Grants Committee as certified by the DGSC.
  • Rotarians will be given the priority for consideration for a Planning Mission. Spouses and other non-Rotarians can accompany but will not be eligible for any DTG funds unless they possess specific skills or knowledge that can add specific value to the Planning Mission.
  • Non-Rotarians may be considered for a Project Mission; that is, an ongoing project, only if they possess skills or knowledge that can add specific value to the Project.
  • Applications are accepted between July 1 and June 30 of the Rotary year.
  • The maximum amount is $750 for an individual and $1,500 for a group of three (3) or more.
  • The application must be submitted and approved in advance of the proposed travel. No applications will be considered for travel already completed. Funding may be as a reimbursement for costs incurred on an approved grant, or for costs expected to be incurred for an approved grant.
  • Eligible costs are transportation, meals, lodging and other reasonable costs such as a translator/interpreter.
  • Only one District Travel Grant (DTG) will be approved per club per year.
  • An individual can only get funded for travel expenses through a DTG once every three years.
  • NID travel is not eligible for District Travel Grants.
  • The amount of required club match for these grants is divided into two areas, i.e.
    • a) grants for travel that are NOT eligible for the TRF Volunteer Travel Team (VTT) Grants are funded on a dollar for dollar basis. Grants that are submitted within the 3 month requirement of a VTT application are not eligible for a VTT and are therefore eligible for funding on a dollar for dollar basis.
    • b) applications that ARE eligible for TRF grants are funded on a 1/3 dollar for dollar basis. This is to encourage clubs and individuals to first take advantage of TRF-supported grants.
  • Reports need to be filed within 90 days of return.
  • Unused funds are to be returned to the District.