Re: Legislation to be considered by the 2016 Council on Legislation

Dear Rotarians:
The 2016 Council on Legislation is drawing near. In anticipation of this event, this book containing all legislation to be proposed at the Council has been prepared for your review.

The Constitution of Rotary International provides that the Council on Legislation meet every three years at a site determined by the RI Board of Directors. In 2016, the Council on Legislation is scheduled to meet from 10-15 April in Chicago, Illinois, USA.

The legislation in this book was proposed to the 2016 Council by clubs, districts, the general council or conference of RIBI, and the RI Board. Each item was received by Rotary before the 31 December 2014 deadline. The RI Board, working on the advice of the Constitution & Bylaws Committee, has found this legislation to be regular. All items that the RI Board deemed defective will be listed in a separate electronic document. These items will not be published nor transmitted to the Council. For more information on why legislation may be considered defective, please refer to Article 7 of the RI Bylaws.

All items of legislation are divided into two types: enactments and resolutions. A proposed enactment seeks to amend the RI constitutional documents. Constitutional documents include the RI Constitution, the RI Bylaws and the Standard Rotary Club Constitution. All enactments reference the 2013 Manual of Procedure page numbers of the constitutional document(s) they propose to amend. A proposed resolution is any item that does not seek to amend these documents but other RI policies and procedures.

At the top of each piece of legislation is a Council number (for example, 16-01). Items of legislation proposing changes on the same topic may have similar or identical titles. In order to avoid confusion, please refer to the Council number rather than the title when discussing an item of legislation.

Also at the top of the legislation is the name of the proposer(s). Some items have more than one. This occurs when multiple proposers submit identical items of legislation that are then combined. It also occurs when proposers of similar items agree to join a piece of compromise legislation recommended by the Constitution & Bylaws Committee. This recommendation is pursuant to the RI Bylaws and does not express the Committee’s opinion regarding the merits of the proposal. Compromise proposals are labeled with Compromise Legislation above the Council number.

The proposers’ statements of Purpose and Effect and the Financial Impact statements from the general secretary are printed below each item of legislation. The statements of Purpose and Effect are drafted by the proposers of the legislation and have not been edited for accuracy. The Financial Impact statements are drafted by the general secretary and reflect any estimated increase or decrease in revenues and/or expenses that will be incurred by implementing the proposed enactment or resolution.
As required by RI’s constitutional documents, the legislation is sent to the governor of each district, past directors, and all members of the Council by 30 September 2015. Those governors, members of the Council, and past directors who usually receive Rotary documents in Chinese, French, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese or Spanish will receive legislation in the appropriate language at a later date. The legislation will also appear on Rotary’s website,, in all of these languages.

Council members receive all proposed legislation in the form of a binder and as a PDF. Council members must bring the binder with them to the Council. Governors and past directors receive the legislation in the form of a PDF. Those who require a printed copy may request one from Council Services.

Should you have questions about the Council over the coming months, you may contact Sarah Christensen in the Council Services section of Rotary
( or 1-847-424-5267).
John H. Hewko
General Secretary