The Grace Centre Project

The Grace Centre is a new initiative in Kazungula, Zambia which is being supported by a Rotary Global Grant # 1866010. The goal is to help young women at risk for sexual exploitation and early marriage by training them in vocations where they can find employment—computer work, tailoring, and food preparation.

About 80% of girls in Zambia are currently unemployed. There are 2 contributing factors—a lack of training in an employable skill, and a lack of secondary school education.  The costs associated with secondary schooling is beyond the means of most families, and if funding is possible, boys are the priority.  Many of the girls at The Grace Centre could finish high school if funds were available.  

While the Rotary Global Grant will provide the critical skills training, school fees are not allowed as part of the grant. Therefore, we are seeking individual and Rotary Club donations for the sponsorships.

How will the girls be selected?

The Grace Centre will be managed by an established NGO called The Lushomo Trust.  The Grace Centre Working Committee is comprised of Lushomo Trust board members, and guidance counselors/teachers from local schools. They will approve applicants based on their financial need, aptitude, and desire for future studies.

What are the costs and what is covered?

For 2020, 430 dollars will cover all costs for a student; increases (if any) for future years will be minimal.

A yearly sponsorship includes text books, materials, two school uniforms, PTA fees, and administrative fees.

Renewing the sponsorship each year will help motivate the girls to excel in the school and The Grace Centre program—it will also provide the opportunity to reevaluate the worthiness of each recipient.  

What information about the girls will we receive?

The Grace Centre Working Committee will send information about the girls that you (or your Rotary Club) sponsor as well as photographs. In addition, everyone will receive school progress reports and personal letters from the girls.  

How will the funds be managed?

The charitable arm of the Rotary Club of Ventura, California—The Julius Gius Memorial Rotary Foundation, a 501(c)—will receive the sponsorship funds and transfer them to the Rotary Club of Livingstone, who will then dispense the funds to the schools with the assistance of The Grace Centre Working Committee.

How do I donate, and are funds tax deductible?

All funds are tax deductible. To donate, please write a check to the Julius Gius Memorial Foundation for $430.00 for each student you would like to sponsor, and on the memo line, please include The Grace Centre. Mail the check to:

Julius Gius Memorial Foundation
PO Box 2100
Ventura, CA 93002-2100

For more information about The Grace Centre and Lushomo Trust, please visit 
If you have additional questions, please email George Poulakos of the Rotary Club of Ventura at, or call him at 954-494-4387.