New Video Series Spotlights Bakersfield Breakfast Rotary Members Sharing Why “BBRC is the Place to Be”!

As Rotary International works to build its brand and membership numbers around the globe, Bakersfield Breakfast Rotary Club (BBRC) is doing the same with its new series of video testimonials featuring members sharing some of their favorite Rotary experiences.

Click here to see Bree’s message:

Research shows that the popularity of video on social media is soaring, and video messages are far more likely to be shared than a regular post with text and a still photo.  BBRC’s image/communication committee has developed a plan that incorporates the new videos into its Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn messaging.

“Our Strategic Plan for the year includes the goal of ‘inspiring pride’ in being a member of Rotary and BBRC,” said Club President Cheryl Scott.  “When we feel a sense of accomplishment and pride, we’re more likely to participate in activities and to invite others in as well.  These videos are not only a great vehicle for promoting Rotary to potential members, they are also an excellent reminder of all that we accomplish through Rotary.  We should all be proud of that!”

The first video in the series features BBRC’s youngest member, Bree Goodmon, who is the club’s Youth Service Chair. Bree explains that Rotary gives her the chance to impact young people, which is her passion, and she encourages others to “plug in their passion” at BBRC.  Click here to see Bree’s message: