At Cayucos Rotary, every member is responsible to bring in potential members.  Before we learn of Rotary International President Shektar Metha's initiative on "Bring One, Keep One", Cayucan Rotarians have been practising this mantra since our charter in March 2008.

As a small club in a small beach town, it is essential that we know our members and learn how to retain them.  Cayucos Rotary is not unlike other Rotary clubs. Our club has our ups and downs. Members do leave. We depend heavily on our sponsors to mentor each new member and we get our new members going in our projects. Also as a small club, we need our members to participate in every way possible : donate and /or contribute in kind and work on projects.
For this Rotary year, Cayucos Rotary is happy to report the addition of three new members, Cristi Fry, Chris Castillo and Christina Dapper who joined between September and December 2021.  Two of these new members have been proactive. Cristi, a civil engineer, jumped right in and had been overseeing the plans for our upcoming disabled swing installation project on the beach. Chris Castillo, school trustee, is our Club President Designate.