The Rotary Club of San Luis Obispo de Tolosa, founded in 1984, is currently 84 members. We aren’t looking to grow larger, but want to maintain this size.

For 2021-2022, our membership committee identified these goals:

·      Attract Young Professionals (less than 11% of our members are under age 40)
Our new Young Professionals Plan has a lower financial commitment, if needed. All members are asked to support the YP plan on their annual financial commitment form. Just at one meeting when announced, $1000 was contributed.

Induct more female members (only 33% of our membership is women)
We asked members to bring women business leaders who value community service and for whom involvement would be mutually beneficial, to learn about Rotary.

·      Engage new members to see the value of the club (in recent years, 50% of exiting members were in their first or second year of membership):
A mentorship program gives new members an additional resource for help getting their Blue Badge, and to check in to be sure they get involved in a committee or activity and feel they are contributing to something they care about. We recently had a “meet our new members” focus at a business social.

As of April, we have inducted eight members – including four Young Professionals and three women. We anticipate meeting our goal of 10 new members, and we achieved a net gain of young professionals and women, as well as have been able to engage all members in our club’s ongoing good work.