On April 26, 2019 the Rotary Club of Moorpark honored Officers of the Year -- CHP Officer Jaime Morado and Deputy Preston Furukawa.  President Scott Hess presented them with a trophy and added their names on the Officers of the Year wall plaque.  They were individually recognized for demonstrating through actions and deeds to be the most deserving of the Award.  The Rotary club shared their appreciation with CHP Officer Morado and Deputy Sheriff Furukawa for keeping them safe and for their dedication, leadership, and heroism. 
In photo:  Officers of the Year: CHP Officer Jaime Morado (4rd from left), Deputy Sheriff Preston Furukawa (3rd from left), Rotarian's Moorpark Chief of Police Victor Fazio, and Deputy Sheriff  Sargeant Darren Hendren, Deputy Sheriff Juan Ponce (former Officer of the Year), Rotary President Scott Hess, and Rotarian Dale Parvin