The Centro Medico Rotario de Margarita (CMRM) is a Health Foundation created and directed since 1996 by the ROTARY CLUB MANEIRO, Rotary District 4370, Margarita Island, Venezuela to provide quality health care at cost for low income people in the island of Margarita and to help prevent pathological diseases by utilizing an intense patient educational program and periodic screenings.  To continue providing this important service and expand capacity, CMRM needed to replace old equipment, acquire new equipment, and increase the stock of medical supplies.

The Rotary Club of Westlake Village Sunrise partnered with the Rotary Club Maneiro on Global Grant 2118572 to provide the needed equipment and supplies. The Global Grant was supported by six clubs in District 5240.  Supplies were purchased in the United States and shipped to Margarita Island.

When the first shipment of supplies was ready for delivery to CMRM, Rotarians in the Rotary Club Maneiro attended via zoom a meeting of the Rotary Club of Westlake Village Sunrise to thank them and the clubs in our district for their support.  The interaction with Rotarians in Venezuela added faces to the project and provided more insight into the work of CMRM and its beneficiaries.

This interaction will continue as the equipment is delivered to CMRM and the project is completed.