84 in attendance for Conference Sat. Oct 6th in Bakersfield 
22 Rotaractors in attendance
R.I. Zone Dir John Matthews
PDG Wade Nomura
PDG Deepa Willingham
R.I. Dir. Steve Solomon
DG Sandi Schwartz
The special speakers received a signed teeshirt as thank you. 
309 Dignity bags assembled with hygiene products donated by our District Clubs! Bags delivered by Fernando Aguirre, Community Service Director (BERC) to The Alliance Against Family Violence and Sexual Assault & Homeless Center. 
Group 9 Clubs donated the New Generations teeshirts. AG Jan Clevenger was thanked at Conference with a teeshirt signed by all at New Gens.
Teeshirt Design contest winners are Bethany Mckenna of Bakersfield Rotaract and Kennedy Beltran of Centennial Interact. Both received Sequoia Rotary pins and a sweet Dewars’ basket. 
The young people including the 22 Rotaractors ALL said it was the best, most productive conference they’ve attended and felt a TRUE part of Rotary by being included with Rotary District Conference.  We MUST do this again. The caliber of speakers are found and easy to book when the New Generations Conference happens in tandem with Rotary Conference.