Rotary House Retreat is a six-day intensive outpatient retreat that provides First Responders the opportunity to learn and practice new coping skills while improving personal and professional relationships.  RHR uses prevention and early-intervention models to address issues such as substance abuse, anxiety, depression, suicidal thoughts, sleep disturbances, and other stress- and trauma-related symptoms.  The goal of Rotary House Retreat is to enable First Responders to restore and resume his/her work in a highly productive manner and avoid negative outcomes such as family dissolution, chemical dependence, or suicide.

At RHR, the importance and benefits of Guests’ developing peer support, seeking mental health care, and involving chaplain/faith services to expand their personal trust and support systems is emphasized and practiced.  The retreat is supported by specially trained peers and clinical professionals focusing on stress- and trauma-related symptoms plus general mental health education and healing activities for First Responders.  Multiple techniques are employed at RHR to encourage stress relief by offering Guests new outlets such as horseback riding, swimming, fishing, hiking, yoga, and creative arts.   A daily theme encompasses the focus of each day and includes multiple skills, tools, and activities.

At the end of the week, Guests of Rotary House Retreat have learned and practiced new life skills, gained friends and confidants who understand the issues (personal and professional) related to being a First Responder, and have established trusted lifelines for the rest of their career and beyond.

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