Tepehua is a Barrio in the Guadalajara-Lake Chapala area. The resident’s access to water is a sand pipe where the well is contaminated with arsenic and lead. This leads to renal failure in children and young mothers.

They drink soda because it is cheaper than buying bottled water. Drinking soda in large quantities causes health problems including diabetes. Residents can’t afford medical either. It is a sad cycle for the residents.

The Rotary Club of San Luis Obispo Daybreak created a project that provides funds where residents can buy 5 gallon bottles ( Garrafons ) of water at cost for 13 pesos versus 30 -- pesos the full retail cost.  They also purchased the Garrafons and racks for storage. The water is purchased from a legitimate purification vendor. There are many “pirate” vendors who sell for less but water quality is questionable.
Notice it is the women and children who are charged with getting the water garrafons which are very heavy. We are working with Tepehua to purchase a truck for deliveries to residents.