The Peace Academy of the Sciences and Arts is a non-profit educational program with the goal to inspire a community of lifelong learners who become caretakers and peace leaders for our world.  Last summer, we provided an amazingly successful 4 week full-day enrichment program for over 40 children in SLO County. 
For the summer of 2019, we plan to open our doors to serve 50% more students with new and exciting curriculum. New and returning children will embark on a 4-week learning journey, together, yet each in their own unique way, to become scientists, critical thinkers, authors, cooks, performers, coders, and problem solvers while having tons of fun! 

On the beautiful property of the Rancho El Chorro Outdoor School, with a flowing creek, waterfall, and wildlife, we've filled each session with Peace Academy traditions that embody our pillars of self-awareness, environmental stewardship, and global citizenship. Children will examine nature through microscopes and gain perspective with comparisons to their views from atop the mountain trails. 
Summer Enrichment Program Highlights:
• 8:1 student to teacher ratio
• Beautiful outdoor and indoor learning spaces 
• Meal-prepping fun in a full kitchen
• Learn through creative play
• Values-based curriculum
• Focus on compassion and socio-emotional health
• New curriculum every summer, and so much more!
Also new this summer: The first annual Teen Leadership Summit to serve as a platform for teens to connect and collaborate on global issues. Attendees receive up to 20 hours of community service credit for school and college applications. For one week, attendees will examine the 30 human rights declared by the UN in 1948 and use evidence-based analysis to assess the ways in which countries may violate and enforce these rights. Students will connect with local and national leaders. 
Your donations will help us cover 2019 summer programs, teacher salaries, summer site rental, and also assists in helping more students access this summer’s enrichment program through a scholarship fund. Your tax-deductible contribution furthers Peace Academy’s mission: to inspire in students a deep understanding of self and others through a learning culture that celebrates creative innovation, enriched collaborative experiences, and connection through core human values. 
We are grateful for our donors’ contributions towards growing the Peace Academy community and supporting our efforts towards a peace-filled and sustainable future for our children! Thank you for your contribution and support of our school's continued growth and service to the community.  
Please send donations to: Peace Academy of the Sciences and Arts, P.O. Box 13024, San Luis Obispo, 93406