How do I submit a Travel Grant?

Go to the Grant's Page and download the District Travel Grant Application and District Travel Grant Guidelines.  The applications give you all of the information you need.

Is the Travel Grant part of Rotary International?

No, the District 5240 Travel Grant is a local program specific to our district and our clubs.  

How is the Travel Grant approved? 

You submit the travel grant to the District Grant Chair.  It is reviewed for applicability and compliance by the Grants Committee.  After it is found to be within the Travel Grant guidelines, the application is approved.

When do I get the Travel Grant Money?

First, the travel has to be completed.  Then within 90 days of the completion of the travel, a report has to be submitted to the District Grants Chair.  The report is reviewed and if approved, a check request is issued to the District 5240 Charitable Foundation who will then fund the Travel Grant.  

What if I have a question about when a check will be issued?

Direct your questions to the District 5240 Charitable Foundation President.   If the check request has not been received, the DCF President will direct you back to the District Grant's Committee Chair.

If I have submitted for Travel Grant funding with my Matching Grant, that complies with the rules of RI for travel funds, can I still request funds from our District?

Yes, it is possible to get travel grant funds from our district even if travel funds were requested with your matching grant.

My travel grant was turned down due to lack of funds, why is this?

Each Rotary year a pool of money is set aside to cover Travel Grants for the district.   When this fund is fully committed, we stop funding travel grants.