The Guatemalan Chapter of Carpenteria Morning runs a video conference every Friday Morning as their regular Rotary Meeting. By using computers and video chat, they are able to communicate with several clubs in the area. Common tasks such as ringing the bell, invocation, introducing guests, and guest speakers are all capable while utilizing this technology. Read more to see that notes on one particular meeting, the hope to be the INSPIRATION to all Rotarians.
It is 6:45am Friday morning. The location is Casa Convento Concepción, Antigua Guatemala. The computer is turned on. The LED screen is connected. Videocalls are received from remote club members in Gualán, Zacapa and Cayalá in Guatemala City.

One Rotarian friend from Rotary Club Guatemala South makes-up a meeting via Skype.

At exactly 7am the bell rings from the macebearer’s cell phone. United virtually and physically around a table, the bilingual regular meeting of Guatemalan Chapter of Rotary Club of Carpinteria Morning District 5240 begins.

The Rotarian from Gualán reads the invocation, and the Rotarian from Guatemala City reads the Rotary Tidbit of the Week.

Our friend from eClub Atitlán visits us and brings a group of Canadian Rotarians, who admit that they are surprised by the meeting’s format. Club banners are exchanged and the official group photo is shared immediately on Facebook.

The guest speaker, Andrea Archila (president of Rotaract Club Guatemala South), presents for 15 minutes via Skype about social media. Questions are asked and, as a thank you, Andrea does not receive a diploma – but instead a children’s book will be donated in her name to the Niños de Guatemala library.

Andrea proposes that we do a project together as service partners. With enthusiasm, we agree.

Now comes the time to discuss our first major project. In partnership with Vision Rescue International, we will donate to the Guatemalan Blind and Deaf Comitee material and equipment to provide 45,000 pairs of prescription glasses to children in need. We will work out details by email.

At exactly 8am, the meeting ends. We turn off all virtual connections and everyone goes on with their day. For project follow-up, comments, and reminders, there is always WhatsApp.

A new version of Rotary -- the Rotarians from Carpinteria Morning support it; the president of Rotary International knows of it; and, there are many people who care for Guatemala. And now we can all join the 113 year-old movement of service, no matter where we are.

The possibilities are endless…