Chris Brashears of the Rotary Club of Ventura was looking for more to do one day and was thinking about helping people locally as opposed to internationally. He realized that his club sends money overseas when they have plenty of people in their own back yard that could use some help. 
In Chris' Rotary Club he has three eye retired doctors (optometrists) so it occurred to him that if the club could find a space, they could open up a clinic to provide free eye exams and glasses to those in need. Chris is on the Salvation Army Advisory Board of Directors and contacted to Lt. Fabio Simoes at the Salvation Army and asked him to help find a space. The Salvation Army found a space in their Oak Street, Ventura location.

Through connections in Rotary, Chris was also able to find a practicing doctor willing to help, Dr. Hardeep Kataria. She donates her time every Thursday from 7:30a to 10:00a and always with a big smile.
The clinic opened in July 2018 and has been funded by the Rotary Club of Ventura and the Downtown Lions Club. They have enough funds to get thru the year and are looking for a free source to make lenses as they have a lot of frames that were donated. To date they have served approx. 50 patients with free glasses.
Chris says, "The enjoyment comes from seeing them with their new glasses and the smile it brings to their face to be able to see clearly again."
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